How to Get More Revs on Bowling Ball

Increasing the revolutions on bowling balls for straight bowlers involves altering your technique and mastering certain skills. Here are some tips to help you generate more revs:

  1. Grip and Release: Ensure a proper fingertip grip on the ball. Keep your hand underneath it with your fingers comfortably inserted into the holes. Practice a smooth, controlled release of the ball with a flick of the wrist at the bottom of your swing. The more consistent and efficient your release, the more revolutions you can generate.
  2. Wrist Action: Work on your wrist action. Practice keeping your wrist straight during your approach and then rotating it at the release point. This rotation generates revolutions on the ball.
  3. Timing and Balance: Good timing and balance are crucial. Work on your footwork and the timing of your arm swing. A smooth and synchronized motion helps generate more power, which can translate into increased revolutions.
  4. Bowling Ball Fit: Ensure the bowling ball fits your hand properly. An ill-fitted ball can hinder your ability to release it effectively, affecting your rev rate.
  5. Practice Drills: Work on specific drills designed to improve rev rates. For instance, focus on exercises that emphasize the wrist snap or rotational motion at the point of release.
  6. Speed and Power: Experiment with your ball speed and the amount of power behind your release. Sometimes, slightly increasing your speed can impact the rev rate positively.
  7. Consult a Coach: Seeking guidance from a bowling coach can provide personalized tips and techniques tailored to your specific strengths and areas for improvement. A coach can analyze your technique and suggest adjustments for a better rev rate.

Remember, mastering the skill of generating more revs on a bowling ball takes time, practice, and dedication. It’s essential to focus on technique and consistency to achieve better results. Recording your throws and analyzing them can also help identify areas that need improvement.

How To improve The Skills To Generate More Revs

Improving the skills required to generate more revolutions (revs) on a bowling ball involves focusing on specific techniques and aspects of your game. Here are some targeted tips to enhance your rev rate:

  1. Proper Grip and Release:
    • Ensure you have a fingertip grip on the ball. The ball should rest comfortably on your fingers and not get squeezed by your thumb.
    • Work on a consistent and smooth release. Practice releasing the ball with a flick of your fingers and a rotation of your wrist at the point of release.
  2. Wrist Action:
    • Focus on your wrist position throughout your approach. Keep your wrist firm but flexible, allowing for a snap at the bottom of your swing.
    • Practice wrist exercises to strengthen the muscles used for rotation. This can include wrist curls or using a wrist roller.
  3. Balance and Timing:
    • Work on your overall balance and timing during your approach. Proper footwork and synchronized movements contribute significantly to generating power and revs.
    • Ensure your steps and arm swing are coordinated to create a consistent release point.
  4. Drills and Exercises:
    • Engage in specific drills aimed at improving rev rates. These drills may emphasize wrist action, release techniques, or rotational movement.
    • Practice spare shooting drills to enhance control and accuracy. A good spare shooter often has a higher rev rate.
  5. Ball Speed and Rotation:
    • Experiment with different ball speeds and the amount of rotation you apply. Adjusting your speed and rotation can affect the number of revolutions generated.
    • Try altering your hand position or axis rotation to see how it impacts the ball’s movement down the lane.
  6. Video Analysis and Feedback:
    • Record your bowling sessions and analyze your technique. Look for areas where you can improve your wrist position, release, or overall form.
    • Seek feedback from experienced bowlers or a coach. They can provide insights and tips for improving your rev rate based on your performance.
  7. Consistent Practice:
    • Regularly practice the specific aspects of your game that contribute to generating more revs. Consistency in practice helps develop muscle memory and improves technique.
  8. Fitness and Strength Training:
    • Strengthen your hand, wrist, and forearm muscles through targeted exercises. Improved muscle strength can aid in generating more revs with control.

Remember, increasing your rev rate takes time, patience, and dedicated practice. It’s essential to focus on the fundamentals, seek guidance if needed, and be persistent in your efforts to improve your bowling skills.

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